Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO tech extracting water from a carpet in Philadelphia

Water Extraction in Philadelphia

Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes.  It can start from a pipe leak, heavy rains, or floods, but the remediation process mostly remains the same. SERVPRO of South Philadelphia / SE Delaware County has the equipment and experience to extract water from your Philadelphia home or business, leaving your property dry.

Flood water on the floor of a basement in Philadelphia, PA

Basement Flood Cleanup

When a storm dumps heavy rains on your Philadelphia home and causes flood water to fill your basement, you need help immediately. As water damage specialists, we have the experience, expertise, and advanced training that enables us to get your property dried quickly and thoroughly. 

SERVPRO trucks outside of a Delaware County commercial building

Commercial Water Cleanup in Delaware County

SERVPRO of South Philadelphia / SE Delaware County has the team and equipment to handle any sized commercial water damage that may occur in the Delaware County area. Whether the water damage comes from a leaking pipe or from heavy rains, we will respond immediately to get you property dry.

SERVPRO equipment setup to dry the bedroom of a Philadelphia home

Water Damage in Philadelphia

Water damage in South Philadelphia is very common, but our team has handled water losses from big to small. When you need water removal services give SERVPRO of South Philadelphia / SE Delaware County a call. We're available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

Drying equipment in a kitchen in Philadelphia, PA

Residential Water Leak

Water damage to your Philadelphia property can be devastating, but it is, unfortunately, also very common and if it's not dealt with immediately, there's the chance you'll also encounter black mold growth. SERVPRO of South Philadelphia / SE Delaware County is locally owned and operated, and we're dedicated to answering your call 24/7.

Drying equipment in a gym

SERVPRO equipment pumping iron!

A leak had caused water damage to this weight room and needed extraction underneath the tiles.  The tiles were removed and dried separately.  Once we were done extracting, we let our equipment stay a while to get a work out!

Four floors affected after toilet overflow.

A university in South Philadelphia had a toilet overflow in a dorm room at one of their buildings.  The damage occurred on the 6th floor and caused damage all the way to the 3rd floor.  An extensive amount of drying equipment was needed for this loss.

Water bubbles in a race!

A sprinkler head broke and affected 4 floors of this building.  The source came from the 3rd floor and ran down the walls all the way to the basement. Water was hiding behind and underneath most of this structure. It was in the walls, under carpet and hardwood flooring dripping through the garage ceiling.

Roof Leak in Ceiling Hatch

A leak caused by roof damage affected the building 4 floors down.  Puddles were found in the basement of this structure where we had to extract out and place drying equipment.

Condensation Pump Leak in Basement

Cause of loss was a condensation pump that leaked from an unfinished part of the basement to a finished basement.  We had to move quickly and treat the affected area due to our customer being concerned of microbial growth. 

Kitchen Sink Leak to Basement

Customer had a leak in their kitchen sink and over time it not only warped the wood under the sink, but it leaked down to the basement through a hole in the ceiling.  Pictured is the stained carpet from the water leak.

Heavy Rain Flood in Condo Complex

A heavy rain had flooded seven buildings.  The drywall was affected and left the floors with mud.  In the picture, you can see how high the water line was at its highest.

Flooded Elevator Pit from Sprinkler Leak

A commercial housing building had a sprinkler pipe burst overhead the kitchen's walk-in freezer.  The leak flooded the first floor, and ran down to the basement and the pit of the elevator.

Water damaged tiles in the ceiling of a Philadelphia home

Second Floor Bathroom Water Leak to Basement

There was a water leak in this Philadelphia home from the 2nd floor bathroom that leaked down from behind the walls.  The water damage ran all the way down to the first floor ceiling and walls, and affected the ceiling of the basement.

Air mover and removed materials from the walls in a Philadelphia home

Frozen Pipe Break in Residential Home

This Philadelphia homeowner was out of town when there was a frozen pipe break.  Two different pipes broke on the second floor which effected both the second and first floor.  As you can see, the ceiling fell through in different areas of the first level, which also had standing water.

Drying equipment set up in a basement in Philadelphia, PA

Equipped and Ready

Our Emergency Services

SERVPRO of South Philadelphia/SE Delaware County has the tools and resources to help make your Philadelphia disaster seem "Like it never even happened." Seen here are air movers drying what was a flooded basement in an apartment complex.