Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

mold in crawlspace

Mold Can Grow Anywhere

When you discover mold in your Collingdale, PA, home, SERVPRO of South Philadelphia/SE Delaware County is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to take your call. Let us be your first choice when it comes to mold remediation services. Our crews have the training and expertise to swiftly handle mold issues to ensure your safety. 

SERVPRO technician holding a piece of wall that was removed due to mold damage

Mold Damage Removal

At SERVPRO of South Philadelphia / SE Delaware County, we know that when water damage strikes, you need to act fast in order to avoid mold growth. Luckily, we have years of experience removing mold damage from homes in the Collingdale area and are available 24 hours a day to respond when you need us.

Mold growth behind the drywall in a Philadelphia home

Mold is no problem for SERVPRO

It is highly recommended to take great precaution when dealing with mold especially if there are health effects in your Philadelphia household.  Airing out the area until it is cleaned is good to receive fresh air instead of breathing in the contaminated air with mold.  Call SERVPRO of South Philadelphia / SE Delaware County to help with the proper mold remediation by using specified equipment and anti-microbial chemicals to prevent any more growth.

Halloween pumpkin decoration covered in microbial growth

Halloween should be SPOOKY not MOLDY!

Did you set up your Halloween decorations this past weekend?  Patti, our office manager went to set up hers and noticed mold all over her decorations!  A skeleton globe filled with water had cracked, and over time being unnoticed created microbial growth.

What lies behind the vanity!

An office building for a Philadelphia University called about mold in one of their bathrooms.  Everyone was unbeknownst to the damage behind the vanity as how severe it had gotten over time! Walls had to be cut out and then the remediation began.

Mold Remediation

Customer called with mold in their rental property that needed remediation.  We protected the customer's contents with plastic before performing services.  An air scrubber was set up to provide better air quality.  The area was treated antimicrobial to prevent further damage.

Vacant Rental Property with Severe Mold Growth

The cause of this loss was pipe leak in an unfinished basement.  Since there was vacancy, it went unnoticed for quite some time to have mold growing out of the carpet.

Roof Leak Causing Mold

A roof leak occurred when this house had an addition built onto it.  The growth of the mold spread from the ceiling, to the dry wall, and then to the floors.

SEVPRO tech using a machine to check the moisture in the walls of a Philadelphia home.

Severe Mold Damage in Philadelphia

SERVPRO of South Philadelphia/SE Delaware County got a call to visit a residential home in Philadelphia that had not been lived in for a long period of time.  The home had a large amount of moisture just sitting throughout the entire structure.  Mold grew like wildfire from the ceilings, walls, and baseboards on every floor.