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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water Main Break in Basement in PA

A water main break that leaked into basement through bilco doors.

Hurricane Damage in Ocean City, NJ

Damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Sewage problem in Basement in PA

A drain pipe crack in unfinished basement.

Flooded Basement in PA

A residential water loss due to heavy rains causing sump pump failure which resulted in over 6” water in finished basement.

Sewage back up in PA

A residential property that had a sewage back up in the basement.

Fire at Giant Supermarket in Aldan, PA

The fire broke out in the middle of the store, it was contained to just one aisle. SERVPRO was able to come in and repair the damages to the store.

Bio Hazard at Welfare Office in Philadelphia, PA

These are before and after photos from a gentleman that had a seizure in a welfare office and paramedics were called to assist. We arrived in full PPE to clean ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

These before and after photos are for a Commercial Restaurant that wanted cleaning services provided in their confined crawl space above kitchen.

Residential Fire in New Castle, DE

This residential fire exposure that happened from a nearby house.

Residential Fire in New Castle, DE

This residential fire exposure that happened from a nearby house.

Residential Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

This residential cleaning, a homeowner requested demolition services for a Home Improvement project.

Post Construction Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

This residential post construction cleaning due to a home improvement project that a Homeowner requested our services.

Residential Biohazard in Philadelphia, PA

This residential biohazard bank owned property that sustained a sewer line burst during a freeze event storm. Concrete flooring needed to thaw out so our Team w... READ MORE

Biohazard in Philadelphia, PA

This Biohazard in a commercial building that was over taken by pigeons and fecal matter was covered throughout the entire 3rd floor of the building that needed ... READ MORE

Biohazard in Apartment in Philadelphia, PA

This biohazard clean up in an apartment building in Philadelphia, PA. In which a person was deceased and required all Technicians to wear full personal protecti... READ MORE

Biohazard in Rental Vehicle in Philadelphia, PA

This biohazard clean up was in a rental vehicle to which an individual sustained injuries.

Flooded Basement in Philadelphia, PA

This flooded basement in Philadelphia, PA was a result of a water main break in the city street.

Water Damage in Living room in Penns Grove, NJ

This water damaged living room in Penns Grove, NJ was the result of a pipe freeze on the second floor and leaked down to the main floor.

Fire in Master Bedroom in Philadelphia, PA

This master bedroom fire damage in Philadelphia, PA was the result of an electrical fire.

Molded House in Philadelphia, PA

These pictures are from a residential home that had an undetected roof leak. We mitigated the mold, replaced the drywall and prepared it to be painted.

Mold in Basement in Philadelphia, PA

These are pictures from a mold remediation job in a residential basement. There was a pinhole leak in a pipe that went undetected for months causing the baseme... READ MORE

Rusting Kitchen in Philadelphia, PA

These are pictures of a commercial kitchen where the stainless steel had been rusting over time due to an undetected leak in the refrigeration system.

Flooded Basement in Philadelphia, PA

These pictures are from a historic building in the University of the Arts section of Philadelphia that flooded during the Polar Express. They had a 4” sprinkle... READ MORE

Fire in Basement in South Jersey

These photos are from a fire in a finished basement in South Jersey. The entire basement had to be demolished down to the studs and beams, dried, cleaned and s... READ MORE

Historical Building Fire in Philadelphia, PA

These are before and after photos from a Historical Building in Philadelphia due to an electrical fire.

Hotel Fire in Philadelphia, PA

These are before and after photos from a bathroom fire in a Hotel in Philadelphia.

Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning

These photos are before and after of tile and grout cleaning for a residential property that was being renovated.

Strip & Wax Floor Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

These are before and after photos from a strip and wax floor cleaning in a telecommunications building for a sports complex in Philadelphia.

Hotel Biohazard in Philadelphia, PA

These photos are from a food waste spill outside a Philadelphia Hotel caused by waste removal truck spilling onto ground. The concrete ground was affected with... READ MORE

Hospital Fire in Philadelphia, PA

These photos are from a fire in a hospital in Philadelphia, PA caused by patient smoking in their room. The entire wing of this floor was affected by smoke and ... READ MORE

Flooded Church Basement in Philadelphia, PA

This flooded church basement in Philadelphia, PA was the result of a broken water main. Notice the extent of the mud and water damage; the water was about 2 fe... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage

We pulled these pictures from when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. It blew through 24 total states, but we came to the rescue in helping out our neighborin... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO of South Philadelphia performs commercial and residential air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. As you can see, there is a lot of dirt and debris ... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Philadelphia University Dorm

This University dorm in Philadelphia had mold damage throughout the walls, baseboards, and on the couch cushions. The cause of this source was coming from anot... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen in South Philadelphia

This commercial kitchen in South Philadelphia needed cleaning on their hood vent system which had a liquid discharge. Other appliances in their kitchen needed ... READ MORE

Professional Philadelphia Sports Team Gym

A professional Philadelphia sports team had given SERVPRO of South Philadelphia a call to help with the clean up of a toilet overflow. This caused damaged to n... READ MORE

Mold in Residential Attic

This residential home had not been lived for some time. The customer had noticed the mold when they were getting ready to sell the property. Our team assessed... READ MORE

Car Wash Bay Cleaning

SERVPRO of South Philadelphia provides a variety of cleaning services. Here we provided a clean up and power wash at a rental service car wash. They call to h... READ MORE

Bar & Restaurant Water Leak

A bar and restaurant in South Philadelphia had called for the help of cleaning up a water leak. The cause of this loss was that a sprinkler had burst overhead ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

This pictures captures what was a kitchen fire from a towel catching fire on the stove. The customer had fired off a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Se... READ MORE

High Dusting at Philadelphia Airport

SERVPRO of South Philadelphia provides a high dusting cleaning at the airport. For this project, we wipe down high rise signs, air vents, connector signs, the ... READ MORE

Drain Backup at Banquet Hall in South Philadelphia

A banquet hall ranging in 3,500sq. ft. in South Philadelphia had a drain backup overnight in their building. It affected 80% of the building and needed emergen... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage to Boardwalk Pier in NJ

Hurricane Sandy did irreplaceable damage to not only structures along the East Coast, but many lives along its way. Homes and businesses were altered in such a... READ MORE

Fire Damage Board Up

A homeowner needed emergency services to have a board up from fire damage they had at their home. A total of five windows and the roof pictured were boarded up... READ MORE

Hurricane Flood in Kitchen

When hurricanes come to town, they visit everyone's home and business. The hurricane waters flooded this residential home in New Jersey. After the water was c... READ MORE

Mold Build Up in Shower Grout

The owner of a vacant rental property called about the growth of mold and mildew built up in the grout. When the old tenants moved out and the owner had gone i... READ MORE

Muddy Garage in South Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Water Department was doing work on one of the streets in South Philadelphia and a pipe had accidentally burst. It had affected this residence'... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

The fire started in kitchen affecting majority of the kitchen while the smoke and odor traveled throughout the house. The homeowner was cooking something and wa... READ MORE

Commercial Warehouse Leak in Burlington, NJ

A warehouse in Burlington, NJ had a leak that was caused by an 8" sprinkler main break. The building lost power for the night so we set up our string lights to... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure

A residential home called for an extraction in their basement. The cause of the loss was the result of a circuit breaker that was connected to a sump pump whic... READ MORE

Refrigerator Valve Leak

SERVPRO of South Philadelphia received a call to a residential home in Wallingford, PA. They had a refrigerator valve leak in their kitchen. The leak seeped t... READ MORE

Flooded Shopping Center in Philadelphia

SERPVRO of South Philadelphia teamed up with SERVPRO of Upper Bucks to complete this large loss. The cause of the loss was a huge water main break from undergr... READ MORE

Heavy Rains Flood a Martial Arts Studio

A martial arts studio endured heavy rains during a storm and caused water damage to their basement. The area affected was a 15 x 40 concrete floor and the dryw... READ MORE

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Providing a carpet cleaning for a residential customer in Kennett Sq. PA. This home had two floors of carpeting to be cleaned. Our crew came in and prepped th... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Philadelphia University

The cause of this loss at a Philadelphia University was a mulch fire right outside of the building. We got the call saying that after the fire was put out, the... READ MORE

Grease Trap Spill at Airport

A grease trap had spilled over onto the airport walkway causing an inconvenience all around. Grease is not always the easiest to clean up due to its texture an... READ MORE

Decontamination of a Bathroom

A loan company in South Philadelphia had given us a call for the clean up and decontamination of an accident that had happened in their bathroom. Wearing our P... READ MORE

Pharmacy Sewage Loss in South Philadelphia

A pharmacy in South Philadelphia called with a sewage loss that affected three floors of their building. The source of the loss was a toilet overflow in the up... READ MORE

Watch The Air Your Breathing!

A commercial housing building in South Philadelphia called for mold remediation throughout their building. We removed all of the covers to the vents and cleane... READ MORE

Shed Fire in National Park, NJ

A residential home in New Jersey called had a fire in their shed. The fire started from the ride on lawn mower. Since it was such a confined area, it affected... READ MORE

Flooded Basement from Heavy Rains

Residential home in South Philadelphia experienced heavy rains during a storm hitting the area. Their basement became flooded with water instantly and damaged ... READ MORE

Building Board Up

This convenience store needed emergency board up services from a fire damage. Our team had to board up a variety of windows including the roof which had a larg... READ MORE

Sump Pump Pipe Busted in Basement

In a residential home, a pipe from a sump pump had busted and flooded an unfinished basement. The standing water reached to a height of 18". When our crew cam... READ MORE

Biohazard in South Philadelphia Hotel

We received a call from a hotel to provide a biohazard cleanup. Our mission was to go in and bag up the linens and clean the room from top to bottom. While ou... READ MORE

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Philadelphia Banquet Hall

A banquet hall in Philadelphia needed their air duct system cleaned from the inside and out. Inside the building in the banquet hall, the diffusers were cleane... READ MORE

Temp Kitchen Trailer Ramp Cleaning

A hospital in the Philadelphia area had temporary kitchen set up for their facility. They called SERVPRO of South Philadelphia to give their ramps to this trai... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Commercial Basement

This project took just under a month to finalize. A fire had started in the basement of a commercial building in South Philadelphia. We teamed up with SERVPRO... READ MORE

Car Wash Bay Cleaning in South Philadelphia

Overnight, we provided a car wash bay cleaning for a rental car service. Over time, sludge and debris can build up as seen in the before picture. First, the c... READ MORE

Toilet overflow in Philadelphia University

Our crew responded to a call for a water damage loss that occurred on the 6th floor in a dorm room. The overflow ran down 4 floors and caused damage to each un... READ MORE

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning at a University in Philadelphia

Here we have pictured a before and after from a dryer vent cleaning at a University in Philadelphia. This is showing only a portion of the work we did, as we s... READ MORE

Sewage Drain back up

A commercial gym in Center City Philadelphia had a drain/sewage backup in a closet that affected the closet and the trainers office. We extracted the carpet in... READ MORE

Drain Backup at the Navy Yard

About a week ago, we received a call to go down to the Navy Yard for a drain backup in one of their buildings. It came from one of the toilets that overflowed ... READ MORE

Shower drain back up into basement

We started out by extracting the standing water. Solids were scooped up and disposed of properly. Floor was power washed with Sporicidin and Lemon Berry, extrac... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos