Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

A fast response is crucial to flooding and storm damage

The first 24 hours after a storm causing widespread flooding and water damage are the most important in preventing secondary or permanent damage. Our team is re... READ MORE

Flooded Basement from Heavy Rains

Residential home in South Philadelphia experienced heavy rains during a storm hitting the area. Their basement became flooded with water instantly and damaged ... READ MORE

Heavy Rains Flood a Martial Arts Studio

A martial arts studio endured heavy rains during a storm and caused water damage to their basement. The area affected was a 15 x 40 concrete floor and the dryw... READ MORE

Flooded Shopping Center in Philadelphia

SERPVRO of South Philadelphia teamed up with SERVPRO of Upper Bucks to complete this large loss. The cause of the loss was a huge water main break from undergr... READ MORE

Hurricane Flood in Kitchen

When hurricanes come to town, they visit everyone's home and business. The hurricane waters flooded this residential home in New Jersey. After the water was c... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage to Boardwalk Pier in NJ

Hurricane Sandy did irreplaceable damage to not only structures along the East Coast, but many lives along its way. Homes and businesses were altered in such a... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage

We pulled these pictures from when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. It blew through 24 total states, but we came to the rescue in helping out our neighborin... READ MORE