Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold spreads quickly

As long as the mold has organic matter for food, moisture, warmth, and oxygen it will grow wherever it wants. It is highly recommended to take great precaution... READ MORE

Now screening, microbial growth!

A University in Philadelphia had called about a room in their building that was affected by microbial growth on their blinds and drapes. After inspecting the l... READ MORE

Mold remediation within a 2017 Audi A4.

Customer had left windows open during a rain storm and it was left untreated for a month. Our technicians Cordon, and William started by getting dressed in thei... READ MORE

Watch The Air Your Breathing!

A commercial housing building in South Philadelphia called for mold remediation throughout their building. We removed all of the covers to the vents and cleane... READ MORE

Mold Build Up in Shower Grout

The owner of a vacant rental property called about the growth of mold and mildew built up in the grout. When the old tenants moved out and the owner had gone i... READ MORE

Mold in Residential Attic

This residential home had not been lived for some time. The customer had noticed the mold when they were getting ready to sell the property. Our team assessed... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Philadelphia University Dorm

This University dorm in Philadelphia had mold damage throughout the walls, baseboards, and on the couch cushions. The cause of this source was coming from anot... READ MORE

Mold in Basement in Philadelphia, PA

These are pictures from a mold remediation job in a residential basement. There was a pinhole leak in a pipe that went undetected for months causing the baseme... READ MORE

Molded House in Philadelphia, PA

These pictures are from a residential home that had an undetected roof leak. We mitigated the mold, replaced the drywall and prepared it to be painted.

Sewage back up in PA

A residential property that had a sewage back up in the basement.

Sewage problem in Basement in PA

A drain pipe crack in unfinished basement.